After successful career in industries about 20 years, the team of highly qualified professional has entered into the role of mentors & consultants to improve working culture in Indian industries by implementing best practices and standardization of each activity that will always yield success across Supply Chain. We are providing services to manufacturing as well as service industries across the country irrespective the product. We believe in the methodology of detect – improve – control – maintain & Grow. The process & system experts are going to provide solution in each and every aspect of organization, we help to identify the weakest part of Supply Chain and provide all the means & ways to improve the same and eliminate the failure permanently for the same.

Highly organized work efficient, having deep understanding of various quality assurance activities including quality systems, Internal Audits for Process, Product & System to ensure process compliance, defect investigation, fault finding and introduction of corrective measures and QMS, EMS & OHSAS and in continuation with the Financial administration which includes, Goods & Services Tax (GST), Portfolio Management, insurance & shares management etc. Proven management ability to inculcate a Quality culture including the expertise of imparting practical & theoretical training to workers and staff; & experience in implementation & training of Quality Systems and excellent skills in complying with the norms of Regulatory Authorities; A resourceful and result oriented team leaders and players with excellent interpersonal and decision making skills with positive approach to Customer Complaints & Mapping the customer requirements into the business process We believe in On time delivery of services, as time is more precious than money, we promise a Timeline and provide compliance to stick to the scheduling. Project Management is the backbone of industry and the word of mouth is precious.